Do Home Remedies For Weeds Work?

Image shows home remedies for weeds
Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons – Neil Milne

“Do home remedies for weeds work?”

This is the question you’re left asking as a gardener. This read will provide a detailed assessment of home remedies and what they offer those wishing to kill off pesky weeds in their grass.

Gardening offers a range of solutions for pests, but it’s important to nail down the science of it all. Until you do this, a proper solution will be hard to find. You will continue to roam around in circles!

As you sift through the World Wide Web, you’ll begin to notice wacky home remedies. Since you don’t want to use chemicals on your lawn, the home remedies might look appealing at first and “worth a shot.” Organic gardeners despise chemicals and steer away from them due to the underlying harm they cause. Of course, this doesn’t mean you go ahead and sign up for a bunch of home remedies!

Let’s start with a simple truth.

Not all home remedies for weeds are bad. Please don’t assume that’s the case.

However, a majority of them are horrible.

Vinegar and Epsom Salt

This is a common home remedy for weeds and will be offered as a solution to your problem.

Studies show this fad is ineffective and not worth your time. The Vinegar-Epsom salt combination sounds good on paper but remains useless in real life. As soon as it mixes with the soil, it starts to damage everything around it. This is frustrating and can lead to a significant plant-based loss that could have been avoided.

Avoid this combination at all costs. It’s rubbish.

Why does it damage the soil you may ask?

Well, it has a lot to do with the type of salt you’re using. Epsom salt is “magnesium sulfate” and acts against the hydrated soil. Its sole purpose is to suck up water out of the plant. When this begins to transpire, you will have your hands on your head in despair because everything will start to die out.

It’s a simple contact herbicide. It pours into the soil and finishes everything along the way.

So, you might kill the weeds but what about everything else!

Clove Oil Treatment

 This is sold on the market as an herbicide.

Please remember, clove oil is a eugenol (i.e. chemical) and shouldn’t fit into this category. It is inefficient, dangerous, and downright inferior to other solutions on the market.

The reason it has been marketed over the past few years involves the reports on “Roundup” by WHO (World Health Organization). They stated Roundup could turn into a carcinogen and do damage but what about clove oil then? It is a chemical, and that doesn’t seem like much of a replacement now does it?!

Well, let’s look past the chemical angle and analyze its efficiency.

In general, when tested, clove oil doesn’t do a good job. It tends to provide a short-term solution that’s a surface level fix more than anything else. When it comes to home remedies for weeds, this doesn’t work at all. It doesn’t get down to the root like you’d want.

Plants have vascular tissue and its housed near the roots. If the solution or “remedy” doesn’t get to the tissue, how is it going to kill the weed? It won’t, and the weed will continue to sprout over time.

Horticultural Vinegar

This is similar to the vinegar you pick up at a local supermarket.

However, it has been spiced up to help with weed killing. Now, experts state this is inefficient because it’s dangerous. You are looking at a solution that is composed of 20% acetic acid. This is a potent force if exposed to your skin or eyes.

Horticultural vinegar is one of the worst solutions on the market. It’s sold as a natural solution when it’s appallingly meager.

What’s Better Than The Best Home Remedies For Weeds?

Surprisingly, the best option is a simple remedy that’s been used for generations. Get down on your knees and pull out each weed by hand.

Yes, this is the way to go.

Not only is it going to get the heart pumping, but you’ll also know the weeds will get out of the way while your plants remain unharmed. This eliminates all risks associated with weeds and removing them.

The only time you require an external solution is when the weeds are widespread. Otherwise, keep going at it physically and notice the positive change in the health of your lawn.

All home remedies for weeds take a back seat in front of manual labor. It’s as simple as that!