Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 2017

Name of LED Grow Light WattsKey Feature 
BESTVA 1000W Double Chips1000WPowerful Cooling Fan System
VIPARSPECTRA 1200W1200WAluminum Cooling Heat Sinks
BWL 1000W

1000W3200 Lumen High Brightness
Galaxyhydro 300W300WSunflower Radiator System

Searching for the best full spectrum LED grow light 2017 has to offer?

The journey can be a tough one as you look to find a resourceful light source for your grow room. Once you begin to understand the growing process, it’s time to accumulate the right tools and parts for your setting. This is where the LED grow light becomes important. Without the right light source, your yield will diminish and growing marijuana will become impossible. For those who are aiming to grow marijuana indoors, this read should provide wonderful insight on the best full spectrum LED grow light for your needs.

Research states light sources have a noteworthy impact on plant growth.

If your mind is on growing marijuana indoors, it’s time to get started with this set of LED grow light reviews.

Create the perfect growing environment and watch how easy it is to grow marijuana.

At Last Minute Garden, we have years of expertise in the world of hydroponic gardening and recognize what it takes to do a good job. Our site helps provide readers with the opportunity to learn about light sources and the various types of grow lights on offer.

Go through these detailed LED grow light reviews to get a gist of what’s effective and what’s not for your needs. The full spectrum LED grow light is a beneficial option for growing marijuana indoors and yields tremendous value in the long-run. If you’re at the stage where a light has to be purchased, please give this article a read right away!

Understanding Hydroponic Cannabis Process

Before beginning, let’s take a moment to understand how hydroponic gardening works with cannabis.

In general, the growth process won’t vary. For example, you will need a setting where the temperature is set at 80-85 degrees F. This temperature should remain consistent to help with overall growth.

For the water source, you want a solution that’s efficient such as non-chlorinated water. It should remain between 5.5-6.5 ph.

The same applies to your lighting. It’s important to set high-quality grow lamps inside your grow room or grow tent. Without appropriate hydroponic grow lights, you’re wasting time and might see inferior results.

With indoor gardening, you have to understand the goal is to mimic sunlight. The seeds can only grow if that’s considered. If the goal is to mimic sunlight, you’ll notice the rays aren’t a single color. Instead, sunlight consists of a “full spectrum” of colors and that’s where a full spectrum LED grow light comes into play.

These colors include blue, yellow, violet, and red.

Consider this while selecting the best full spectrum LED grow light 2017 has to offer.

Requirements For Hydroponic Growth of Cannabis

What does your grow room require while growing cannabis indoors?

You will have to look at a few things while developing your hydroponic garden. This will include items such as a pH tester, germination seeds, grow lights, peat (soil), a grow room/tent, and a nutrient solution.

This is the bare minimum when you’re getting started with the best full spectrum LED grow light 2017 has to offer.

Choosing Best Full Spectrum LED Lights For Growing Marijuana 

So, how do you go about selecting a top-quality LED grow light?

The best starting point is to consider the size of your indoor garden and how much energy is generated by the light source.

For example, 32 watts per square foot is a wonderful start.
If your garden is 15 square feet, you will need 480 watts of power (32 x 15).
Even while you’re aware of this figure, it’s important to find the right hydroponic light. Here are a few options available to you on the open market.


1. BESTVA Double Chips – Ideal For Small Grow Tent

This full spectrum LED lamp is exceptional and works well in all stages of the growing process. It provides extensive coverage and remains durable at all times. In testing, it’s able to handle 50,000 hours of usage without losing efficiency. BESTVA also includes a wonderful three years of warranty.


This LED grow light is equipped with 1000 watts of power. It’s well regarded in the marijuana market and is an excellent option for beginners. Its high-tech system provides a durable and efficient light source that maintains itself.

BESTVA’s LED grow light is a brilliant option and its output of 2000 watts is magnificent. This is a worthy option as the best full spectrum LED grow light 2017 has to offer.


2. VIPARSPECTRA 1200W – Ideal For Beginners

 For those starting off, a large light source might be unnecessary and costly. Instead, the right option is a smaller, high-powered light that will suffice in a smaller grow room.

This is where the VIPARSPECTRA 1200W does the trick. In general, 1000 watts or so suffice while beginning because the yield is smaller. You’re getting your feet wet and this is a good starting LED grow light. It provides ample power (1200 watts) while maintaining great longevity. Adjustments are simple with this grow light and it manages to handle various growth stages with ease. Keep the same LED grow light in place without having to make changes.


This LED grow light comes with high-tech cooling fans ensuring it doesn’t heat up in the middle of your growing process. The system is designed to handle rigorous indoor gardening and will manage to sustain itself in the long run. The real charm of this LED lamp comes to the forefront when you start controlling growth through color switching. For example, you can play around with the colors based on the growth stage you’re in. If specific spectrum colors aren’t needed, the LED light provides an “OFF” switch.


3. BWL 1000W – Ideal for Low Budgets

The BWL 1000W is a compact LED grow light and provides the “double chip” feature. This light is able to house LED chips that are stronger than most options on the market and will remain bright at all times. Each chip comes with dual diodes (10 watts total). The LED light as a whole includes 100 LED diodes and provides 1000 watts of power.


It’s a durable light and has a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

With the double chip feature, you can take a back seat knowing the LED chips can handle dying out and will pick up the slack for each other.

BWL has equipped the LED grow light with cooling fans and heat sinks to maintain temperature.

It’s a great option for those on a budget. Find the best full spectrum LED grow light 2017 has to offer by giving this a look.


4. Galaxyhydro 300W – Ideal For Incredibly Small Yield

Are you looking at using a small grow room to test your abilities?

The Galaxyhydro 300w has enough power to sustain your needs while maintaining your budget.

This LED grow light provides quality red and blue LED chips to power your indoor gardening journey. With cannabis, you want to make sure the full spectrum colors are controlled and efficient. This LED grow light helps with those needs and makes sure everything is simplified. It provides a robust 300W of power while making sure an abundance of this power is coming from those red and white chips.

Coming in at 5 pounds, this is an exceptional LED grow light and works wonders for those needing a top-tier option.


This deserves a mention as you hope to find the best full spectrum LED grow light on the market.

It provides top-class power consumption numbers. It requires a mere 140 watts to sustain itself. Plus, the brand provides a breathtaking 2-year warranty too!
Galaxyhydro 300w is a wonderful deal for those looking to get started with the best full spectrum LED grow light 2017 has to offer.

Concluding Thoughts – Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 2017

It’s important to sift through these detailed reviews and choose one of the top-tier options listed above.  These products have been reviewed with rigorous attention to detail ensuring everything is accurate and up-to-date. Indoor gardening requires patience and the right tools including the LED grow lights used in your grow room or grow tent.

Legalities For Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 2017

Please remember all information provided in “Best Full Spectrum LED Grow Light 2017 – Buyer’s Guide” is for educational purposes and it’s highly recommended to read the bylaws of your state/province. This can help understand how many plants can be grown and what’s not allowed.