Best Inline Fan 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

A grow room’s ventilation setup is important and this “Best Inline Fan 2017 – Buyer’s Guide” will shed light on how to find the right components to improve airflow.

It provides sufficient value and is considered as an important cog in the machine. If you’re not paying attention to the ventilation with your grow room, the marijuana yield will disappoint.

Find the best inline fan 2017 has to offer with the help of this guide.

Name of Inline FanWeightKey Feature 
Hurricane Inline Fan 6"11 lbsQuiet Operation
iPower GLFANXINLINE6 (EDITOR'S CHOICE)13.4 lbsPre-wired 5-feet power cord
Apollo Horticulture 6"6.6 lbsRemovable Duct Ends
VenTech VT DF-65 lbsCharcoal Carbon Filter Combo
Rule 24012 lbsCorrosion Resistant Motor Housing
Yescom HO 353CFM3.4 lbsUpgraded Heavy-duty Motor
Can Fan Pro 6"

N/AOffers 400 CFM
Vortex Powerfans VTX40010.5 lbsEnergy Efficient
VIVOSUN 6"10.2 lbsOffers 440 CFM

With ventilation, the idea is to remove carbon dioxide in the air and maintain consistent humidity levels. Without this, it can become near impossible to grow quality cannabis, and the results are disappointing. If you possess a world-class inline fan for growing cannabis, you can take advantage of the setup to maximize your growth potential. If not, the cannabis could burn or refuse to grow. Inline fans for indoor gardening are essential if you wish to produce amazing marijuana.

Poor ventilation can become a major troublemaker while increasing growing space indoors. It’s important to keep tabs and find quality inline fans to improve airflow.

Just like any other part of your grow room, the inline fan deserves attention. It can provide you with an opportunity to add to your growing seasons and produce a greater range of plants without worrying about potential hurdles.

Tips For Choosing Best Inline Fan 2017 Has To Offer

So, how do you go about choosing the best inline fan for growing cannabis?

You have to look at analyzing the various components before putting together a seamless solution. With your inline fan, the size sets the tone. If you don’t choose the right size, your inline fan is going to disappoint. You will need the right amount of power to generate enough airflow to keep things churning along. If not, the heat will overwhelm your plants and suffocate them.

For those who are playing it safe, please aim higher with your inline fan purchase.

It’s never bad to have “too much power” because you can always lower the setting.

You should also consider the grow room or grow tent for growing cannabis. What is the size of your grow area? Look to provide yourself with a bit of room to work with when it comes to your inline fan’s power output. Experts believe the fan should be able to handle at least 10-20% more than what you expect going into the project.

Now, let’s take a look at the best inline fan 2017 has to offer for marijuana growth.


1. Hurricane Inline Fan – Ideal For Humid Environments and Professional Grade Yields

The search for the best inline fan 2017 has to offer begins here.

This series of inline fans provides five options. This helps find the perfect fit based on the CFM you’re after.

Why are these fans heralded?

They provide an easy to install solution that comes ready to go. Set up the mounting brackets, put it in place, and watch it create the airflow your cannabis requires. This is why it settles in among the best inline fans.


This fan works well with a fan speed adjuster to maximize climate control settings. 

These inline fans from Hurricane are terrific. They’re well regarded for being optimized, consistent, and durable all rolled into one package. With indoor gardening, you want something that’s robust, and this does the trick. It manages well in humid conditions and can speed up one’s growth period.


2. VIVOSUN – Ideal For Grow Tent and Durability Enthusiasts

Want something that’s professional grade and provides durability?

VIVOSUN inline fans are a real winner. They’re a reputable brand that’s been on the market for a while and provide five sizes to choose from. Pick out the right option based on your grow room or grow tent. All models are effective and provide world-class results for cannabis growth.


For grow tent ducting, you will know this is a quality product. It operates quietly and settles in without causing a mess. It’s equipped with the right hardware to make installation straightforward. Take it out of the packaging and put it to use for your grow room needs.

When put to the test, this inline fan does an exceptional job of handling odors. It will leave the room/tent smelling wonderfully clean.

With its robust UL-rated components, this is one of the best inline fans on the market.

Its build is coated with ceramic to help avoid durability concerns. For cannabis grow room ventilation, you’ll want something robust, and this stands up to the plights of overheating.


3. iPower Inline Fan (GLFANXINLINE6) – Regarded For Being Low-Maintenance and Easy To Use

The iPower fanis a wonderful option and a world-class solution for those wanting perfection. This brand provides a range of sizes to help users pick out the one they’re in search of. With the best room fan, you want something that’s comprehensive in its reach and the iPower fan does match up well. These fans are easy to install and lightweight while still managing to produce exceptional results for cannabis growth.


The fan comes with a UL-rated power cord (5 ft.) and all the necessary components to make mounting simplistic.

This inline fan is the editor’s choice among the best inline fans 2017 has to offer.
The iPower fan is a wonderful low maintenance option and it doesn’t make excessive noise.


4. Vortex Powerfan – Ideal For Those Wanting A Sleek Inline Fan

Want a slim and sexy inline fan for growing cannabis?

Well, you’re in luck with the Vortex Powerfan. This is one of the most striking and sleek inline fans on the market. It comes with a gorgeous powder coat epoxy finish and a world-class steel casing. The body is rustproof and packs a punch when you put it to use.


The Vortex Powerfan is also heralded for being one of the quietest fans available to indoor gardeners.

With an air circulation fan, you want something that’s comparable to the best inline fans on the market, and this does the job.

You can choose between five models (varying sizes) based on your grow room/tent.

The air circulation fan comes with a lubricated motor and natural duct installation features to help speed up your setup. Its mounting brackets are sturdy, and the 120v power cord is fully controllable.

For those wanting something robust, easy to use, and wholesome, you want to consider this Vortex Powerfan.


5. Apollo Horticulture – Ideal For Budget-Friendly Gardeners

Searching for a cost-efficient, top-tier inline fan that’s able to handle the rigors of growing cannabis?

The Apollo Horticulture inline fan is exceptional. It’s equipped with durable steel coating and is rustproof while delivering premium growth results. It comes in three models ranging from 4” to 8” in size.


Each model comes with a built-in speed adjuster to help control the grow room or tent’s airflow at all times. This control is necessary as you look to optimize the environment for your cannabis yield.

Once put to the test, this inline fan does start to reduce in performance meaning it’s important to consider your yield requirements in advance. A higher yield could put this inline fan into an awkward situation. Keep this in mind while buying it!

With grow room air intake, you’ll need a solution that’s designed to help.


6. VenTech Inline Duct Fan – Ideal For Those Who Want Premium Quality

How good is Vantech’s inline fan?

It’s used in various government settings due to the power it provides. An indoor gardener looking to grow cannabis will know this is an excellent fit. It works well with all grow rooms or grow tents and comes with a solid frame. The Vantech Inline Duct Fan is efficient with its airflow mechanisms and helps provide top-tier results.


The fan comes with a resolute mount and is easy to install making it a noteworthy contender for best inline fan 2017.

With any duct inline fan, you want something that’s aerodynamic, and this is right at the top of the pile. It comes in with a charcoal carbon filter that helps optimize your growth. Instead of having to purchase this component, you’ll get it in the kit, and that’s a real money-saver.


7. Rule 240 – Ideal for Smaller Yields and Beginners

This is one of the smallest inline fans on the market.

The Rule 240 inline fan is small in stature but big in performance. It nestles in nicely with the rest of your grow room or grow tent without getting in the way. It has a low amp draw that does well in tighter settings. If you’re looking to get started in the world of growing cannabis, you will enjoy this inline fan.


It doesn’t take long to install, and that’s one of its biggest benefits. It’s only 4” in size and puts out 12V in power making it a joy to use. While the power output is low, it still manages to produce 235 CFM.

When it comes to growing cannabis for beginners, you’ll do well with this inline fan.

This is a valuable addition to the Best Inline Fan 2017 – Buyer’s Guide.

8. Yescom HO – Ideal For Tighter Budgets

It’s backward curved impeller and minimal features make it a simplistic yet efficient solution for your grow room.


Why go with something cumbersome when you can choosethe Yescom HO inline fan? It’s a great inline fan grow tents can use and won’t get in the way of what you’re doing. It provides a vibration-free experience and doesn’t make a lot of noise while it’s at work.

The bearings are lubricated and ensure it remains active for a long time without breaking down.

During the reviewing process, It’s didn’t produce the requisite power necessary for higher yields.

There are two models underthe “Yescom HO” series with one being 4” and the other 8”.

The mounting set is vertical/horizontal providing you with ample adjustability and control in the grow room. Take it out of the packaging and watch it get installed in minutes.

This makes it an attractive fit as the best inline fan 2017 has to offer.

9. Can Fan Max – Ideal For Saving on Energy Bills

Don’t like to use a lot of electricity while pumping out cannabis in your grow room?

The Can Fan Max is a great mixed flow inline fan and comes in at 6”. For those with a medium-sized grow room or grow tent, you’ll want to look at this top inline fan as soon as possible. It can manage well in such a setting and will not become a major hurdle.


It is also one of the most efficient inline fans in the world. It is small and compact while managing great power output figures. Experts state you’re able to save a considerable amount on your energy bill at the end of the year.

Concluding Thoughts  On Best Inline Fan 2017

In this best inline fan 2017 – buyer’s guide, it’s apparent the market has multiple high-quality options on offer. It’s highly recommended for buyers to consider all factors including grow room/tent size, temperature, future goals, and the budget before deciding. Each option has merit and holds value for those wanting the perfect fit.

This concludes the best inline fan 2017 – buyer’s guide!

Legalities For Best Inline Fan 2017

Please remember all information provided in “Best Inline Fan 2017 – Buyer’s Guide” is for educational purposes and it’s highly recommended to read the bylaws of your state/province. This can help understand how many plants can be grown and what’s not allowed.