Which LED Grow light To Buy?

Which LED grow light to buy?

You will be left asking this question as you build a grow room for marijuana. With the wrong solution, you could end up seeing minimal results as lighting plays an important role.

Name of Grow LightWeightKey Feature 
VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 600W (EDITOR'S CHOICE)11.95 lbs100,000 Hours Lifespan

BESTVA 2000W Double Chips
11.25 lbsWorking Frequency of 50-60 Hertz
Industrial Grade LED Grow Light12 lbsLED Output Includes 3 bands
DXgrow 1000w LED Grow Light6.6 lbsDual-Chip Technology

Lovebay Dual Head LED1.1 lbs460 nm and 660 nm Lights

MEIZHI Reflector-Series 1200W
21.3 lbsEfficient Speed Cooling Fans
Derlights 80W Full Spectrum Led

1.1 lbs360-Degree Lighting
GROWant G5-HiPAR Series4.4 lbsOsram LED bulbs


Things To Look For Before Picking Which LED Grow Light To Buy

1) Size

Start with the size of your grow room or grow tent. To find the top LED grow light for cannabis plants, you want to begin with simple measurements. This means you want to start looking at the yield you’re after and how it’s going to fit in the indoor room you’re establishing. If it doesn’t fit, what is the point of getting a great LED grow light?

Measure the size of your grow room before anything else. This will help uncover the amount of power your room needs from the LED grow light. A top LED grow light will always offer ample value for your indoor gardening needs.

Please note LED grow lights display measurements in feet

Leading LED grow light manufacturers realize customers are after the best and most efficient option on the market. You will be the same and that’s why measurements remain essential. You want to get a gist of what’s necessary for growth in your setup and then find an exact match.

Analyze specific reviews and see what the light’s output is. If it can’t cover your needs, please move onto the next LED grow light and don’t waste your time.


2) Power Output

The next point of concern would be power output from an LED grow light. If you are not able to retain power, how are you going to generate enough light to yield positive growth? In many cases, people tend to underrate how much power they need and it leaves their yield flat.

Emphasize the power output stats with each grow light.

For smaller yields, you can work with 200-300w but a mid-sized indoor garden requires at least 500-600w. Once you start building out a massive indoor garden, you need to look at the big boys on the market that produce 1000w+.

If you do this, the power output will work and it’s going to sync with the rest of your setup.

Growing a marijuana plant means you need to stay patient but you also have to get the power output spot on.


3) Consumption Metrics

What about your consumption metrics? You are not living on Mars without bills, so please account for this too!

You should pay attention to how much energy an LED grow light needs before you start using it in your setup. Too many times, a gardener will get hooked onto a light because it generates great power but they ignore usage metrics. You need to take a look at how much you’re paying for using the light.

]If it takes up too much power, you are wasting money!

The top-tier LED grow lights are able to generate great value because they’re built to reduce power consumption. Most top LED grow light manufacturers know people want cheap LED grow lights or they want eco-friendly LED grow lights. This is all their minds goes toward and rightly so.

To keep your expenses low, keep an eye out on how much the light uses to generate the power it claims to produce. If the consumption metrics are high, you need to walk away as it will start to take a toll on your budget. Many people don’t do this and waste funds that could have been redirected elsewhere.


4) Price

Image shows which led grow light to buy

The price you are paying shouldn’t be ignored. You have to take a look at the price point and match it with the performance metrics. If you are paying too much for a low-powered LED grow light, what is the point of using it? You will be able to find a better option elsewhere.

Keep chugging along and pay attention to the price as much as you can.

The best way to do this is to have an idea for how much you can pay before heading online. Once you have the budget, you can start to work with the money in hand to pick out a great LED grow light for your grow room.


5) Durability

As you look to answer the question, which LED grow light to buy?, it’s important to keep an eye out for durability standards. Too many gardeners end up with grow lights that are insufficient and poorly built. Don’t get suckered into buying one of these as they will break down leading to another investment.

Get it right the first time!

Consider the materials they’ve used to build the grow light. If it’s flimsy, you know it’s time to walk away. This is a point where good reviews on LED grow lights can help with your decision-making. Go through them and pick out the right fit for your needs.


6) Brand Recognition

Some of the leading brands have earned a positive reputation in the market for a reason. They provide robust, easy to use LED grow lights that take seconds to implement and won’t get in the way of what you’re doing. Just put them in and watch as they help grow cannabis plants.

What brands should you be looking at?

The brands vary whether it’s MarsHydro, BESTVA, Viparspectra, or King Plus. Stick to the well-reviewed LED grow lights and you’ll come out on top with an excellent fit. The moment you start playing around with options and pick out an amateurish light is when you’ll falter.

Of course, these brands have sizeable catalogs and it’s still important to pick out the perfect light. Most of these brands put out 5-10 LED grow lights, so you need to pick out the one that works for your room/tent.

Think about this as you start to filter options.


Recommended LED Grow Lights For You

So, what is the answer to your question? Which LED grow light to buy? The answer is simple enough and it includes options that are revered on the open market for their quality.

Here are some of the best LED grow lights that are both affordable and easy to manage. You can “plug and play” these as soon as you want for your grow room/tent.

Choose one of these and you’ll end up a happy indoor gardener as you try to figure out which LED grow light to buy!

Legalities For Which LED Grow Light To Buy

Please remember all information provided in “Which LED Grow Light To Buy” is for educational purposes and it’s highly recommended to read the bylaws of your state/province. This can help understand how many plants can be grown and what’s not allowed.