Best Grow Tent Under 100 For Your Grow Room

Want to find the best grow tent under 100?

It’s not easy to scour through the market to find a top-tier grow tent. In most cases, you end up with inferior grow tents that require a boatload of work!

This article will highlight the best grow tent under 100 for your setup.

Name of Grow TentWeight Key FeatureWarranty 
VIVOSUN 48"x24"x60"

20.2 pounds95% Mylar Reflective Lining2-Year Warranty


VIVOSUN 48”x24”x60”


Key Features

  • Extra-Thick Canvas With 600D Material (Tear-Proof)
  • Built With Robust 95% Reflective Mylar Lining
  • Provides Value In All Power Configuration Setups
  • Includes Heavy-Duty Metal Zipper
  • Comes With Seamless Metal Poles For Sturdy Installation
  • Double-Stitching From Top To Bottom Of Canvas
  • Includes Spacious Observation Window
  • Designed For Seamless installation
  • Easy-Access Door Included With Grow Tent Design
  • Provides Carbon Fiber Belts and Dual Ventilation Socks
  • Comes With Removable Floor Tray For Easier Cleaning
  • VIVOSUN Provides 2-Year Warranty (No Hassles!)


Pros of VIVOSUN 48”x24”x60”


Benefit #1: Ideal In Tight Spaces

Thinking about setting up a grow space in your apartment?

This is a scenario many indoor gardeners deal with, and the best solution is a grow tent built for the environment.

Going ahead and using a larger grow tent is nonsensical and a waste of money. As you search for the best grow tent under 100, you’ll appreciate why this one continues to pop up as a quality purchase.

A top grow tent should fit effortlessly into your setting, and this does just that!

Whether it’s in the basement or a small apartment, the grow tent should become an extension of the environment

VIVOSUN has done an incredible job with this grow tent.

This grow tent isn’t cumbersome nor does it get in the way. It’s a faultless fit as soon as you make the purchase and install it.


Benefit #2: Holds Light Well

Pinhole leaks are frustrating, aren’t they?!

VIVOSUN’s grow tent is exceptional because it holds light well. The design is unyielding making it stress-free to use and guaranteeing you’re not running around patching holes.

Too many grow tents in the modern age are inadequately designed leading to light leakages.

Don’t allow for this to happen!

The reason this is such a highly recommended grow tent stems from its ability to retain light.

What’s the purpose of buying a top-tier LED grow light and then watching the light leak out?

This grow tent manages to hold its own and provide a secure option when it comes to light seepages.


Benefit #3: Tool-Free Installation

What about the installation of your grow tent?

Once the purchase is made and you have this grow tent in your possession, the installation manual will become your primary focus. VIVOSUN has done a fantastic job with its instruction manual and the parts that come along with it.

The manual is a joy to read and provides every detail you could ever need to know!

Plus, they have made the installation process a breeze. All it takes is 5-10 minutes without a single tool in sight!


Benefit #4: Incredible SBS Zipper

The zipper is such an underrated component of a modern-day grow tent.

VIVOSUN might be the only brand that has paid attention to such a microscopic but important detail.

The zipper will repeatedly be used, and its sturdiness matters. Too many indoor gardeners complain of unhelpful zippers that get stuck or break apart. The SBS zipper included with this grow tent ensures you’ll never fret about durability issues. The zipper can handle anything thrown its way.

Zip in and out without a worry while using this high-grade zipper. It’s extraordinary.


Benefit #5: Thick Canvas

The 95% Mylar reflective lining is a significant advantage for indoor gardeners.

It eliminates the need to use any other grow tent. You’ll appreciate the impenetrable canvas and its vigor.

It can handle anything.

After putting it through a series of tests, it becomes easy to acknowledge how well it works in a variety of situations.

The thick canvas is well structured and provides ample space for your yield. This is essential as you look to plan for the future while hoping to retain the practicability of your grow tent.

Without a doubt, VIVOSUN has crushed the ball out of the park in this regard.


Benefit #6: World-Class Customer Service Team

What is an oft-ignored part of purchasing the best grow tent under 100?

Ignoring the reliability of the brand!

VIVOSUN has paid attention to key details every step of the way, and it continues to do so with its customer service. The team is knowledgeable, helpful, and prompt. You’re not going to find a humbler team that’s ready to assist.

Other brands are lethargic when it comes to customer service, and that can be troubling.

Regardless of your issue, VIVOSUN does an unbelievable job of staying on the line and helping.


Cons of VIVOSUN 48”x24”x60”


Con #1: Observation Window Is A Smidgen High

Image shows Best Grow Tent Under 100

Is there a concern with the design of this grow tent?

While it is a well made grow tent and it works brilliantly, the observation window is oddly situated.

This might go unnoticed at first, but over time you’ll start to avoid it. For those who are shorter, keep this in mind when you are starting to “observe” your yield.


Con #2: Top Could Be Sturdier

This is another minor concern with VIVOSUN’s grow tent.

The top is not as sturdy as the rest of the grow tent. If you start moving it around, it will make noises that can be frustrating.

For those who will keep it in the same spot, you won’t have to think about this issue at all.


Concluding Thoughts For Best Grow Tent Under 100

Well, the title says it all!

Last Minute Garden has scoured the market to pinpoint the ideal fit, and it doesn’t get better than the VIVOSUN 48”x24”x60”.

This is a power-packed grow tent with a plethora of top-tier advantages. You will be able to manage the grow space efficiently and see incredible returns for your effort. Most grow tents at this size are either too expensive or downright mediocre. The performance metrics of this grow tent are illustrious and worth your time.

Get your hands on one immediately because it’s a world-class product from VIVOSUN.