GoGrow V3 Review For Your Indoor Garden

This GoGrow V3 review should provide insight into one of the premier LED grow lights on the market right now.

Does it pass the test?

Let’s take a look by analyzing its pros and cons.

Name of Grow LightWeightKey Feature  
GoGrow V3 Master18.55 lbs.12 Bands Full Spectrum (UV and IR)

Key Features

  • Designed For Medicinal and CBD Plants
  • Higher PAR at Lower Wattage
  • Offers 210 Watts in Output
  • Working Time Is Set At 12-18 Hours/Day
  • Provides Environment Temp of -4F to +104F
  • Provides Unique Modular Design
  • High Power Banded LED
  • Comes At 90-Degree Angle (Dual Optical Lens)
  • US-Based Service Center For 24/7 Support
  • 3-year Warranty (No Hassles!)


Pros of GoGrow V3 Master


Pro #1: Easy to Install

The installation process is often a good place to start with LED grow lights. You never want to purchase a grow light that’s difficult to install and takes up too much time.

Does this pass the test?

Yes, it takes a mere 5-10 minutes to have it in place. The instruction manual is a real gem and easy to follow. Everything is laid out as required and even a complete beginner should find it a breeze to put into place.

Its installation process bodes well for the rest of the positives it has to offer.


Pro #2: High-Quality Components

No one wants to deal with substandard components, which break apart as soon as they’re touched. GoGrowis a renowned brand and has a reputation in the market for building durability products.

Does it do the same here with the GoGrow V3 Master LED Grow Light?

Yes, it does!

It has hit it out of the park, to say the least. The components are rugged, easy to use, and a real plus point for the LED grow light. GoGrow has made sure to pay attention to this aspect and it can be seen with how sturdy everything is. Hold the LED grow light in your hands for a few minutes to appreciate the high-quality components.

The average life span of a quality LED grow light often extends past its listed date.

It is rare to find a powerful LED grow light that is made with such refined precision. Every part (small or big) is intricately woven into the system. It is immaculate and something you’re going to be in awe of at first.

Over time, the components show they’re the real deal and can withstand excessive use. The components shouldn’t give anyone issues as time goes on.


Pro #3: Robust Coverage

What is the main purpose of any meaningful LED grow light?


You want something that can cover the plants and provide ample light in the areas you require. If not, the plant will never grow. With GoGrow V3 Master LED Grow Light, you are looking at a substantial fit. It works like a charm.

The coverage area is vast and you hit all areas of the grow room or grow tent as long as it is installed properly. Those who get the installation spot on will not be complaining about the range of this full spectrum behemoth.

It is a real powerhouse.

The 210 watt with the 12-band full spectrum setup is splendid and easy to appreciate. The yield will race ahead and you’ll love it.


Pro #4: Cost-Efficient

Saving money is always going to be important especially when you start expanding. A small garden is easy to manage but the funds dry out when you get adventurous.

For those who have their eyes set on a larger yield, you can rely on the GoGrow V3 Master LED Grow Light. It is well-built and is able to generate great results at a reduced rate. You are not going to be paying exorbitant amounts because power consumption metrics are too high. In fact, you will take a look at the numbers and realize how much money you’re saving!

Indoor gardening budgets tend to overwhelmingly include large electricity bills due to inefficient equipment

The bigger your yield is, the more you are going to save with this exemplary LED grow light. It is made to handle the rigors of a larger setup and that is what makes it special.

How many LED grow lights are able to manage this? Even when you compare GoGrow LEDgrow lights, you will want to buy this one on cost saving alone.


Pro #5: Similar Spectrum To Top Paying LED Lights

Just start surfing the Internet for a bit. It doesn’t take long!

You will realize other LED grow lights are offering the same specs at a ridiculous price. It is important to go with something that’s affordable and works well with your setup.

This does both!

You are getting a tremendous deal with this remarkable LED grow light. It is one of the best LED grow lights on the market because it can handle a smaller budget with aplomb.

It’s an amazing product and one of the finest LED grow lights on the market with regards to budget-friendliness.



Cons of GoGrow V3 Master


Con #1: Appropriate Placement Is Important Must

If there’s a con, it would be how high-powered the LED grow light is. You are not looking at a small system that will barely manage to produce results. In fact, this is on the opposite end of the spectrum. You are looking at an LED light that is going to generate fierce power.

If you don’t control it (i.e. install the grow light properly), the results will be devastating. You have to pay attention to the directions or you’ll waste the power and hurt your yield.

Don’t put yourself in this position.

This might be the most important part of the GoGrow V3 review.


Con #2: Produces Heat

Image shows gogrow v3 review

If heat is a worry, you will need to keep that in mind with this particular grow light. It produces heat and it can often be overwhelming if you’re not setting up a good ventilation system.

Look into the metrics and assess your temperature on a regular basis.

Heat production can warp one’s growth by 70-80% in the long-term

Don’t assume it is going to be okay and the temperature will manage. It won’t!

You want to keep tabs on this as much as you can. It is the only way to feel safe and know you are not producing too much heat and killing the plants.



Concluding Thoughts For GoGrow V3 Review

This GoGrow V3 review should have provided magnificent insight on the workings of this particular product. It is a top grow light and one of the most heralded options in its category.

If the goal is to expand and produce a bigger yield while saving money, you’re looking at a true winner. This is one of the best LED grow lights for what it does and the specs are otherworldly.

It’s unbelievable to see how much quality they’ve packed into one product at this price point.

It’s a must-buy!



Legalities For GoGrow V3 Review

Please remember all information provided in “GoGrow V3 Review” is for educational purposes and it’s highly recommended to read the bylaws of your state/province. This can help understand how many plants can be grown and what’s not allowed.