Marshydro Reflector Review For Indoor Garden

With 10,000+ indoor grow rooms rocking their LED grow light, there’s intrigue in the market for Marshydro’s product.

This detailed Marshydro Reflector review should help quench your thirst.

The same questions are asked in the indoor gardening community with this light.

Does the product last as long as it claims to? Does it generate the power output that’s required for a quality yield?

All of these questions will be answered in this Marshydro Reflector review.

Name of LED Grow LightWeightKey Feature #1Key Feature #2 
Marshydro Reflector 480W12.2 Lbs. Special Reflector Compact DesignVeg/Bloom Mode

Key Features

• ETL Certified LED Grow Light (Dual Chip)
• Dimensions: 22”x10.4”x2.5”
• Offers Patented Reflector Design
• Provides High Output For Bigger Yield
• Easy Switch for Veg/Bloom Model
• Package Includes: Power Cord + LED Grow Light + Hanging Kit
• Includes 2-Year Warranty


Pros of Marshydro Reflector 480W

Pro #1: Minimal Light Loss

What is one of the most frustrating aspects of owning a modern LED grow light? It’s the idea of losing light even if the power output is high. For example, what is the purpose of “480W,” if you are not seeing appropriate results in your yield?

The goal has to be to go with an LED grow light that’s sufficient.

It should avoid light loss and help eradicate weak spots in your indoor garden. As a whole, Marshydro Reflector 480W LED grow light is an exceptional fit and does help eradicate those issues.


Pro #2: Ideal For Small Grow Space

Image shows marshydro reflector review

In this Marshydro Reflector review, you also will have an eye towards the type of grow space needed to maximize the light.

What’s “ideal” when it comes to setting up your grow space?

In general, you will be able to get away with anything in the “small” side of things. It will manage well in such situations and should hold up well in the long run.

The Marshydro Reflector 480W LED grow light is unbelievable when put in those tighter spaces. It manages brilliantly and continues to work hard as you monitor it from afar.

It’s a winner in that regard!


Pro #3: Minimal Power Consumption

Power consumption is not an issue. It tends to settle in at around 220-230W and that is on a bad day. Some report it can be lower than this with their performance metrics.

This is a variable that matters as you look to reduce costs and maintain an excellent yield at the same time.

With the Marshydro Reflector 480W LED grow light, you are looking at a premium option, and that includes its eco-efficient settings. You will be left in awe with how well it functions in your grow space.

A powerful LED grow lightis always useful and this will help keep those bills down too.


Pro #4: Quiet Operation

How loud does it get when you are using this product?

It doesn’t get loud at all!

If you are someone who has a grow space setup in his/her small apartment, you’ll be looking at this positive with open eyes. No one wants to go with an LED grow light that’s too loud.

A quiet LED grow light is the most important benefit you can look for.

Does this pass the test?


It is a genuine winner and settles into the setting without bothering you or your neighbors. It’s as discreet as they come.


Pro #5: Simple To Use

Take it out of the box, set it up, and start using this LED grow light. The Marshydro Reflector 480W LED grow light isn’t a challenge to use at all.

In fact, it might be one of the easiest grow lights to setup.

It will take no more than 5-10 minutes to take it out of the package and have it installed.

What more can you ask for?

The goal should be to focus on its performance, and that includes the setup phase. This is a short and sweet process that will woo you right away.

This is one of the most immediate benefits you’re going to see in this Marshydro Reflector review.


Pro #6: Consistent

The final benefit comes with its consistency. No one wants an LED grow light that works for a few minutes before reducing in power. Your yield would start to depreciate if that were the case.

With this product, you’re looking at a top-tier LED grow light that will not fall apart on you. It is going to provide unswerving performance metrics that are in line with its marketing.

They don’t oversell because the product is remarkable.

This is an exceptionally well-performing product both in efficiency and power.



Cons of Marshydro Reflector 480W

Con #1: Inefficient With Grow Spaces Bigger Than 4×4 (Ft.)

After using it, the Marshydro LED grow light doesn’t provide value when it comes to mid-sized or larger spaces (i.e. 4×4+) because it’s not made for it.

The light isn’t bright enough nor does it generate enough power to sustain the necessary output. This is why you need to target a smaller grow space and continue to add lights if you wish to expand.

2-3 of these bad boys can do wonders as you expand towards a grander space for your yield.

Until then, you want to have your measuring stick out, so you don’t get duped into a poor purchase!

Anything less than 4×4 ft and you will be in an excellent position with your indoor garden. The LED grow light will be able to handle your needs easily.


Con #2: Better As Flowering Light

If you’re in search of a “veg” light, this might not be an appropriate fit. It doesn’t have the oomph one is looking for when it comes to a veg light, and that’s important. You shouldn’t be splurging money on a solution that won’t work for your yield requirements.

Assess what your goals are and then look at this light from Marshydro.

On the other hand, it is a monster when it comes to acting as a flowering light. It might be one of the strongest in the business in the small space LED grow light market. Just an incredible buy for most grow spaces.



Concluding Thoughts For Marshydro Reflector Review

Is this the LED grow light for a small space or not?

Yes, it is!

This might be one of the best LED grow lights you’re going to find for a small space. Yes, it is not going to work for a mid-sized or larger space, but it will do luminously in that small apartment or basement of yours.

Don’t be afraid to go with this LED grow light because it’s made by one of the most reputable brands on the market. People rely on this company for a reason.

The best Marshydro grow light will always produce good yields, and that’s what you’ll see here.

Hope this Marshydro Reflector review was a delightful read!



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