iPower Grow Tent Review For Indoor Garden

If you’re on the lookout for quality grow tents to grow your marijuana plants, then this iPower Grow Tent review is a wonderful starting point.

The tent is designed by experts and is one of the most recommended grow tents for growing cannabis plants. As you know, cannabis plants require a particular type of environment to grow healthy leaves and buds, and the iPower grow tents provide the same.

This guide will take you through the iPower grow tent review, key features, pros and cons and a concluding thought that will let you decide whether these grow tents make the best choice for your indoor garden.

Name of Grow TentWeightKey Feature 

iPower 96"x48"x80" Grow Tent
39 pounds100% Light Proof

 Key Features of iPower Grow Tent

  • The iPower Grow tents are 100% light proof. The double zipper grow lights do not allow light to seep out thereby ensuring better plant output.
  • The poles are extremely sturdy and can handle up to 110 lbs weight. The poles are smooth and easy to install.
  • The iPower Grow Tents are leak proof and will not allow water to seep out. They are made using the highest quality materials.
  • The heavy-duty steel poles can support up to 110 lbs of weight.
  • The iPower tents are easy to assemble and can be done by anyone.
  • It comes with wide, adjustable tent doors with double layered zippers for added safety and extra insulation.


Here are some of the pros of the iPower grow tent.


Pro #1 – Control

Indoor gardening is going to be a breeze with the iPower grow tents as they come with easy controls that are designed for your convenience.

The iPower grow tents are easy to adjust, and you can control the temperature and light to provide cannabis plants with the right atmosphere to grow.

The temperatures are ideal for growing cannabis plants of all ages and have been designed by experts.

Once you set up the grow tents, you will have easy access to the temperature and light settings and can adjust it to suit your plants and the stage of growth that they are at.


Pro #2 – Optimal environment

The grow tents have been designed to provide your plants with optimal heat and lighting. As you know, plants require the right amount of heat and light to grow well. Cannabis, especially, requires the correct amount of light and heat to grow high quality, high resin buds.

With the use of iPower grow tents, your plants will grow long and strong. It makes use of reflective lining for maximum heat retention and high-intensity glow from the lights. Your plants will be safe and free from extreme temperatures.


Pro #3 – Sturdy

One of the most important aspects of grow tents is sturdiness. iPower grow tents are extremely sturdy and can support heavy weights. The metal bars are built to support the light fixtures and make sure they stay in place.

The metal frame is extremely sturdy and will hold the structure of the tent in place. It also supports hanging lights making it an ideal grow tent to have for your cannabis plants.

The tent is made using extra thick material and will support all stages of cannabis growth.


Pro #4 – Assembly

It is incredibly easy to assemble the grow tents and anybody can do it. It comes with a large doorway that can fit a person of any size. The double zippered door is leak proof and can be used indoors. The tents come with a detachable floor pan that is convenient to use and will ensure the maintenance of a clean working environment.

Once you are done with your gardening, you can remove the pan, drain it and place it back in.

The pan is waterproof; making sure any moisture does not damage it and comes with a reflective surface to further enhance light quality. It is just as easy to uninstall the unit and can be repacked and stored.

Pro #5 – Hydroponics

The iPower Mylar hydroponics grow tents are ideal for hydroponic gardens as well. They are completely waterproof thereby making them ideal for indoor hydroponic gardens.

Cannabis plants do extremely well in hydroponic gardens, especially under the NFT technique.

You can further enhance your plant output by making use of these grow tents and get the most out of your indoor garden.



Here are a few cons associated with the iPower grow tents.

Con #1 – Heavy

Since the grow tents are all metal, they might prove to be a little heavy for some people. If you are installing the tent by yourself, then you should be a little careful with it.

Make sure you do not drop any of the parts, especially the metal rods, as that might bend them or create dents.

You can ask someone to help you if you do not wish to damage any of the parts and install the grow tent without effort.


Con # 2 – Overheating

You should be a little careful with the temperature control as the tent can heat up quite fast. Consider making use of a fan to cool the tent down.

Make sure you point the fan in the direction of the plants to cool them down in case they heat up too much.

You can also install a small cooler in a corner of the tent so that it is easier to cool the plants down and prevent them from burning.

Con # 3 – Smell

ipower grow tent review

You might have to make use of an odor control device to control the smell inside the grow tent. Cannabis plants tend to smell quite a bit and will be ideal to use an exhaust or an absorbent that can control the smell.

This will help you grow other plants inside the tent as well without affecting their health.

The absorbent can also absorb the moisture inside the tents and make it a conducive environment for your cannabis plants to grow well.



Concluding Thoughts

I hope you found this iPower grow tent review informative and have decided to go for the product. There are many other pros associated with it and will help your cannabis garden flourish.

Regardless of where you set up the garden, your plants are sure to benefit from the grow tent’s temperature and light features. They have been designed by experts and are ideal for all stages of plant growth. It is easy to assemble the tent and can be used inside a room, a greenhouse, a covered terrace, etc.

What’s more, the iPower Mylar hydroponic grow tents are also ideal for your hydroponics garden. The lights and temperature settings are perfect for an indoor hydroponics garden, and the tent happens to be completely leak proof. Your cannabis plants will flourish in the garden, and you will end up saving quite a bit of water, nutrients, money and other resources.

I hope this iPower grow tent review was useful!



Legalities For iPower Grow Tent Review

Please remember all information provided in “iPower Grow Tent Review” is for educational purposes and it’s highly recommended to read the bylaws of your state/province. This can help understand how many plants can be grown and what’s not allowed.