Best Grow Tent 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

What is the number one concern while searching for the best grow tent 2017 has to offer?

It’s the amount of light or temperature used to grow the cannabis. This can be a challenging situation and a major concern.

What’s the best way to tackle this issue? It’s to acquire a world-class grow tent for growing cannabis.

Studies show 50-60% of modern-day marijuana is grown efficiently due to proper equipment (i.e. grow tents).

Here is a look at the top grow tents right now.

Tent NameDimensionsWeight  
Apollo Horticulture36”x36”72”23.6 lbs
Gorilla Grow Tent With LED (Combo 1)24" x 48" 25 lbs

Apollo Horticulture 48” X 48” x 80”
48” X 48” x 80” 32 lbs
Valuebox24" x 24" x 48"11.5 lbs

Gorilla Grow Tent LITE LED Combo48" x 48"31.85 lbs

Apollo Horticulture48” X 24” x 60” 21.3 lbs
iPower GLTENTXS148" x 32" x 60"14.05 lbs
Gorilla Grow Tent LITE (4 x 4)48" x 48"31.85 lbs
Gorilla Grow Tent (GGT59)60" x 108" x 72"96 lbs
VIVOSUN Horticulture60” x 80” x 80”41.35

In general, grow tents provide sufficient control and help raise the standard of your yield. A regular room won’t suffice and is going to create unexpected hurdles that are hard to manage. With the support of a grow tent, it’s easier to establish the right environment for your weed.

It begins with the light spreading across the plants to help recreate a natural growing setting. The same applies to when you take the opportunity to turn off the lights.

Yes, a grow tent kit will be an expense that has to be included in your budget. You can create an environment that’s seamless, easy to adjust and provide full value. In fact, a quality grow tent can act as a fantastic investment because of how useful it is. You can put it to use for years and not worry about the conditions in which your cannabis grows. Of course, you have to adjust based on the yield you’re aiming for as you become ambitious. However, it is a solid option to maintain a healthy setting for your plant.

Whether you’re putting it in the basement or the garage, you want the best grow tent on offer.

Modern solutions are coming with an array of features including built-in settings to aid in ventilating the tent. This control is what you require while promoting a resolute solution.

Let’s take a look at the best grow tents on the market as of right now. This will shed light on which company has produced the best grow tent 2017 has to offer.

1. Apollo Horticulture – Good For Smaller Yields and Beginners

Coming in at 36”x36”72”, this is one of the best small grow tents available.

When it comes to a short grow tent, this does an excellent job of providing consistent results. For those pursuing the Indica strain, this is a resolute grow tent for exceptional yields.


This tent comes with two windows, a removable Mylar floor tray, a sizable front door (both sides), and seamless round openings. The intertwining metal poles provide quality support, which is important for those who wish to install a grow light inside. It’s a unique fit because the fabric is sturdy and will handle the rigors of spending time creating a significant yield. The last thing you’d want is to see light flitter out because the fabric was thin.

This grow tent also includes mesh panels to help with ventilation making it a high quality hydroponic grow tent. Air can release quickly and your power input will have straightforward access.

In the end, this is one of the best small grow tents available.

2. Gorilla Grow Tent – Ideal for Tighter Spaces or Rooms

For those in search of a low-maintenance tent that will work in smaller spaces, the Gorilla grow tent is an exceptional “bang for your buck” option. It comes with intertwining frame poles, which can maintain their shape for years without breaking. It is equipped with a zippered window and a zippered door. The Gorilla grow tent has a reflective Mylar inside to help with light control and its door provide seamless access. With this tent, you are getting something that will handle small yields with ease.


It’s important to note, this tent is measured at 2’x 2.5’x 5.7’ and has controlled height settings (i.e. you can raise it or lower it). This makes it easier to determine the perfect setting for your yield.

Provides wonderful control, but does pose problems with minor leaks. This requires meticulous attention to detail on user’s part of it can impact your plant’s growth.

For those who tend to use their tools while handling cannabis, it’s best to enjoy the small mesh bag tied to the tent’s wall. It is accessible, useful, and easy to manage while you are working away inside. Place your tool in the small mesh bag without having to worry about losing them.

It also is equipped with two ducting holes and can be used if you’re looking for access to the outside.

In general, this is a good fit for those who are planting one or two plants. Anything more and it might become a strain on the tent.


3. Gorilla Grow Tent With LED (Combo 1) – Ideal For ‘Quick Start’ Projects

If you’re looking to find a small grow tent that’s an easy fit in your room, it’s best to go with this combination. It provides ample area for growth while still setting things up easily straight out of the box. Most people don’t enjoy matching components, and that’s certainly the case with beginners. If that’s something you can relate to, the Gorilla grow tent with LED might be a solid choice.


This tent comes with a combo kit including a range of items.

It’s a robust product despite being higher in price. If it fits your budget, this provides an exceptional fit for users.

It is a 2’ x 4’ tent and is one of the best small grow tents on the market. It includes a carbon filter for appropriate ventilation and stress-free usage. It has an inline duct air system providing a structured environment for your plant(s).


4. Gorilla Grow Tent LITE LED Combo – Powerful Option For Beginners

With a 450-watt full spectrum grow light, the small grow tent comes to life and provides a tremendous environment to grow your plant(s). It provides 700mAh of current while taking up a mere 270 watts. The light comes with a timer that fits snugly with the tent.


The Gorilla Grow Tent LITE is a robust kit providing a state-of-the-art product for one’s gardening needs.

It also includes an inline duct fan and is equipped with a seamless thermometer to help record temperature. This feature also enables you to get a read on the underlying humidity.

It’s a worthy contender for best grow tent 2017 has to offer.


5. Apollo Horticulture 48” X 48” x 80” – Ideal For Medium-Sized Yield

This beautiful grow tent comes with a refined entry through its large front door and is equipped with two windows (both sides). It has mesh panels to help with ventilation and the round openings are ideal for getting air through.

This is a medium-sized grow tent and comes with robust metal poles that hold it in place.


It also includes a reflective Mylar to help with your plants and can manage light with ease. Its zippers are wonderful ensuring light doesn’t get in or out once you seal things into place.

Its simplicity is what makes it such a unique product. It takes minutes to set up and is a joy to use.


6. iPower GLTENTXS1 – Wonderful For Water Resistance and Medium-Sized Yield

Its 3-ply panel is robust and can handle pressure. The iPower grow tent comes with duct ports that are snugly fit and provide value to the setup. It’s equipped with zippered flaps to help ventilate and maintain balance.


This grow tent is equipped with a world-class instruction manual (one of the best in the business) making it an easy option to adjust to.

This grow tent is well regarded for being one of the elite medium-sized options on the market right now. It comes with a star-studded rating and can provide state-of-the-art consistency from top to bottom.


7. Valuebox – Great For Multiple Plants and Easy To Setup For Beginners

If you’re looking to expand your work and want to grow a greater yield, the grow tent has to be larger. With this top grow tent, you’re looking at a solution that’s equipped with everything you’ll need to get started. It has a powerful light package and comes with an accurate thermometer. Valuebox also has an incredible filter to help with odor removal. Its fan does an excellent job of circulation and keeping everything ventilated.


For experts, this is the ultimate fit in the medium-sized category.

It provides a tremendous amount of space at an affordable price. It has a reflective interior that handles light well, and its sturdy fabric manages to create a positive environment for growth.

It’s an all-inclusive package to help beginners get their feet wet. Why go through the hassle of picking out particular components when you can get it with this kit instead? This is an appealing benefit and one of the reasons the eye is drawn towards Valuebox.

This is a solid addition to the “Best Grow Tent 2017 – Buyer’s Guide.”

8. Gorilla Grow Tent LITE (4 x 4) – Spacious with Well-Regarded Accessories

This 4’ x 4’ grow tent is one of the elite options on the market. It’s easy to assemble, comes with an hygro-thermometer, and has a powerful inline duct fan. The ventilation is exceptional with the help of its active carbon filter and ducting. It also comes with a timer and clip-on fan for great control. The Gorilla Grow Tent LITE also helps with maximizing light through its rope ratchet. This feature assists in lowering light to gain better access.

While this is a pricier option among the lot, it’s highly rated for a reason.


It has a well-rounded kit that’s easy to install and will last for a long time. The LED light that comes with it provides 750-watt power output and is a full-spectrum panel. Whether you’re in the earlier stages of cannabis growth or the later stages, you’ll want to take a look at this LED light and what it brings to the table. It can cover up a tremendous amount of space.

The Gorilla Grow Tent LITE is also able to minimize energy expenditure for budget-conscious users. It’s a commendable nominee for best grow tent 2017 has to offer.


9. Gorilla Grow Tent (GGT59) – Monster Size With Room To Spare For Large Yields

Want to go all out and get the biggest grow tent of them all?

As you look through the top rated grow tents, you’ll begin to understand the value of Gorilla as a company. This tent is massive in stature and comes with 1680D fabric to help reflect light. It’s a tent made to last and will continue to yield positive results for its users.


This grow tent refuses to skimp on minor details. For example, its parts are all metal or robust fabric instead of “easy to break” plastic. This helps with its durability and growth efficiency.

The light and temperature are steadier, and that’s important with larger yields. It also comes with an infrared-blocking roof that adds to the light protection in place.

This tent has a unique floor pool floor meaning it can hold water as it leaks.

It also has a metal interlocking frame and can support LED lights with relative ease. The kit also includes an extension set to make it easier to fit the amount of plants you’re after.


10. VIVOSUN Horticulture – One of the Largest Grow Tents in the Business

It comes in at 60” x 80” x 80” and looks the part.

VIVOSUN has created a wonderful grow tent that has dark fabric with a reflective interior to contain light. It manages to help the process with structured zippers that are accessible and easy to use.


It’s large enough to handle 11-12 full-grown plants without breaking a sweat and providing comprehensive consistency. If that’s a yield you’re after, VIVOSUN’s offering might be your best bet.

While this is a world-class grow tent, it does have a problem with its zipper. The grow tent can only be zippered up from the outside.

It is also equipped with a removable floor tray that can hold LED lights in place. This is an excellent addition to the “Best Grow Tent 2017 – Buyer’s Guide” list.

Tips For Choosing Best Grow Tent 2017

How can you find the best grow tent 2017 has to offer? It has to start with an eye for detail and the ability to understand what you’re after as a gardener.

Things to look for include the size of your potential yield, the space of your room, and the amount of time you have. This can help break things down and illustrate whether you should go for a “ready to go” kit or a DIY option.

Continue to look at the yield and understand what you’re going to want. Since this is an important investment, please look to aim high when it comes to the size of your tent. It’s better to have excess space instead of no room to put in an extra plant.

All of this goes into your decision to buy the best grow tent 2017 has to offer.

Image shows best grow tent 2017.

Legalities For Best Grow Tent 2017 

Please remember all information provided in “Best Grow Tent 2017 – Buyer’s Guide” is for educational purposes and it’s highly recommended to read the bylaws of your state/province. This can help understand how many plants can be grown and what’s not allowed.